How We Started

Every student should be able to make friends, enjoy learning, and dream about their future. But for many students with learning differences, around 7 million in special education in the United States, this is not a reality.

Over eight years ago, Antoinette's daughter was nonverbal and diagnosed as mentally retarded with 0% probability of hand and eye coordination. But she wasn't mentally retarded. She has autism and ADHD.

Leo had an IEP in school but never received the support he needed, and was often made to feel "different."

Our personal experiences taught us how frustrating and challenging special education can be. And we are not alone. Millions of families experience the IEP process as overwhelming and taxing - with no breaks in between.
  • Accessing information was a problem.
  • Knowing what our options were was a problem.
  • Recognizing our unique strengths was a problem.
We fixed those problems to develop a unique partnership platform for you.

The children and families we serve are what light us up and the many possibilities that are yet unfolding. You visiting us today tells us that you equally care about students who learn differently. Whether you are a mother, father, aunt, uncle, caregiver, or supporter - we appreciate you and seek to amplify your voice.

And, might we add, Antoinette's daughter, once nonverbal and "mentally retarded" is now a verbal, student-athlete, and neurodivergent advocate.

Once made to feel different, Leo is a highly sought-after programmer, engineer, and data analyst.

Life is filled with detours and trials of every kind. Each of us has had our fair share of feelings of despair, but how we end the race is what matters most. And, you are stronger than what you give yourself credit for. Together, we can do this.