Antoinette Banks
Antoinette Banks
Antoinette is a Cognitive Scientist, award-winning researcher, author of “Better Than A Diagnosis: A Single Parents Guide to Autism” and a proud mother to a neurodiverse teenager. With 10 years experience in nonprofit business and marketing development, Antoinette’s experience is in culturally-responsive communication and expansion. As a current PhD student in Learning and Mind Sciences, Antoinette’s research focuses on equitable deployment of AI models for neurodiverse population.
Leonard Creer AKA Leo
Leonard ‘Leo’ Creer
Leo has 15 years of experience as developer, engineer, and data analyst. Having had an IEP himself, Leo uniquely understands how often students who learn differently are stigmatized and underrepresented.
Additionally, as an owner to several residential care facilities, Leo knows how crucial education is to improve the quality of life for those with disclosed disabilities.