Our Philosophy

We strive to see your children the way you do - not as objects in need of remedy but as whole capable beings. We seek to be mindful of the way we communicate. To that end, we align ourselves with UC Davis, Stanford, and Harvard’s school of thought on Neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is a movement - an idea that there is no “right” way of thinking or behaving, but that our differences are our greatest strength and therefore, ought to be respected.

We adopt a computational approach to learner variability and build our algorithms to adjust according to each student’s learning style and area of support to give you a clearer path to advocacy.

Our focus is on the whole student at the intersection of research, design, and technology.
learner variability


We believe all students with learning differences deserve supportive education. By combining targeted accommodations while raising the bar on academic expectations, children who learn differently will become empowered by their diagnosis, see the advantages of their uniqueness, and become confident adults.


Our mission is to prepare each school-aged child to thrive in their communities effectively and positively by empowering families to advocate for specialized instruction and collaborative environments for individual learning styles.