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A more personalized and intuitive IEP. Built for parents by parents.

Optimize your child’s IEP with leading AI technology and a team of experts who celebrate students who think and learn differently and with disclosed disabilities.

Access for all

As parents with neurodiverse children, we believe all students with learning differences deserve access to supportive education. Our mission is to prepare school-aged child to thrive in their own communities and equip families to advocate for child's right to personalized and safe learning.


Who we are

Families with uncommon skills in research, design, special education policies, and innovation dedicated to supporting you. We are unapologetic in knowing that our kids have future. 


Show up to IEP meetings as your best, most confident self.

Take our 3-question quiz to discover your IEP personality type to advocate effectively.

It’s time to pave the way for higher post-secondary opportunities with more personalized IEPs.

Join our movement as we advocate for a more inclusive tomorrow